Dustin Diamond, AKA “Screech” Disses Artie Lange

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David SloanI was less than impressed with Dustin Diamond, aka “Screech” of “Saved By The Bell” fame, when I learned that he had dissed Artie Lange. What did Dustin Diamond do to disrespect Artie Lange? Read on….

Flashback, June 13th, 2006 – Dustin Diamond appeared on the Howard Stern Show, with a direct plea to Sterns audience to help him save his house. Diamond explained that during his 10-year run on “Saved by the Bell,” he made about $2 million. However, Diamond indicated his parents took about 75 percent of his earnings, which he said ruined his credit and placed him in a position today, where hes in danger of losing his house – unless he can come up with $250,000.

The generous Stern allowed Diamond to pimp “D-shirts” with the message “I paid $15 to save Screech’s house” in an effort to help him raise the necessary money to save his house. Overall, Diamond admitted he would have to sell close to 30,000 shirts @ $15 for regular shirts and $20 for autographed ones, in order to make the $250,000. Thats when Diamond mentioned he earns a living doing standup…. enter Artie Lange.

Lange, feeling charitable, invited Diamond to perform with him at his upcoming shows in Pittsburgh at $1,000 per show. It was a very generous offer, considering Lange doesnt even know the guy. Dustin agreed to the deal. Thats 10 minutes work, for a cool $2,000. Nice work if you can find it. Dustin Diamond

Fast forward, and how do you think Diamond thanked Artie for his generous offer? He was a no show! Unbelievable for a guy in financial ruin that was reduced to pimping T-Shirts on the Howard Stern Show.

“When Artie gave him an opportunity, what does he do, he doesn’t show up? Artie really doesn’t even know this guy, he was just doing something very, very kind, and in turn this douchebag doesn’t even show up.” said a disgusted Sal the Stockbroker.

I wouldnt be surprised to learn that Stern fans came to Diamonds rescue and purchased enough T-Shirts to take care of Diamonds financial woes, but thats no excuse for dissing Artie Lange like he did.

Do you think Dustin Diamond if offering refunds on D-Shrits?

Sal wraps it up in quite nicely, in a single word – douchebag.

– David Sloan for the Sirius Fan Network